bekro chemie has been a leading innovator in the candle manufacturing industry for more than 50 years. We help develop, design and refine customers candles with our colors, fragrances and performance additives. We are an industry trend-setter, and the in-house lacquer range we produce is another component of our extensive product line to ensure that our customers candles do not just perform well but that they also “gleam and shine.”


The wax blend and the method of manufacturing are the two major factors influencing the surface finish of over-dipped and solid-color candles. Pigments and dyes are generally used for coloring candles. With bekro lacquers, there is a greater opportunity to be creative when decorating the surface of candles. We have divided our product range into five groups. The criteria used for this division are; the visual appearance and the type of pigments utilized.


Satin lacquers display a silk-smooth finish. A blend of different aluminum pigments are utilized as the basis for this lacquer finish. Special dyes are added to obtain a variety of colors.

Soft shine

The pearlescent pigments in these lacquers are extremely lightfast, and bring a mother of pearl effect to the surface of the candles. 

Metallic shine

Pearlescent pigments are mixed with aluminum pigments. This creates a pearlescent effect with a metallic look.


Colorless, transparent lacquers developed to highlight the candle finish.

High gloss

The lacquers of this series have a gleaming surface. Special aluminum pigments are utilized as the basis of this group of lacquers. As with the satin lacquers, special dyes are added to obtain different shades of color.

In addition to our wide standard range, we also develop lacquers with special effects and custom color shades for our customers.